It was all a last minute rush as we were only asked by the BBC late Friday afternoon if we could do the Saturday night live show!

They certainly challenged our improvisation skills with a late script change (necessitating us to change what we did in the Dress rehearsal) just 45 mins before the live show.

Like ‘ We need you guys to sing this particular word from the script at this particular point (no set timings, just listen to Claudia as she delivers her lines) mid way through singing a song!

We managed to pull it off and got some Barbershop out to 16 Million viewers.

The Judges, Celebs, Professionals and crew were fantastic and really welcoming to us. (We even had a little sing of Lida Rose with Len Goodman in the Green Room!)


It’s grrrrrrrrrreat to be a Barbershopper!


Note from editor:

Apparently Claudia was getting bored with stating the terms and conditions each week, so someone in the production team wanted something different.  The guys sure can sing those terms and conditions.

If you missed the performance here is a link....